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Custom Artwork

Thor's Hammer
Cast in steel, hand-finished and antiqued.
Also available in antiqued bronze.
4" overall length.
Collector's Edition: $50

The Dragon Embryo
Cast in resin with antiqued bronze finish, 7.5" tall.
Limited Edition of 10 hand-signed by Jody: $250
Collector's Edition: $150

Coming Soon
Skull Candlestick

Coming Soon
Gargoyle Axe

Coming Soon
The Grey Tiger from The Seaward Saga

Coming Soon
The Gryphon

Coming Soon
Incense Burner

Coming Soon

This is a special piece -- hand-carved in wax by Jody when he was recovering from severe burns. Standing only 6 inches tall, this piece has hundreds of tiny stones, shingles and stairs. The original, cast in solid bronze, weighs 10 pounds. Here is the story from Jody behind this piece:

"Many years ago, I had an accident while pouring hot wax into a mold. My right arm and hand received 3rd degree burns and I wound up in the Sherman Oaks Burn Center in California. There was some concern that my thumb (which was burned to the bone) would not function normally again. Dr. Grossman, my dcotor, spent some extra time on the thumb, trying to restore as much functionality as possible.
After the skin grafts were complete and I was home again, the first thing I did was to sculpt this castle to see if my hand would work like before. It did.
I had the castle cast in bronze at the time to preserve the design and eventually gave it to Howy at Albion.
To this day, I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Grossman and the
Sherman Oaks Burn Center, for the use of my right hand. Without their dedication and skill, my career as a knife/swordmaker, sculptor and artist would have ended."

Coming Soon

Jody has his official "Far Side" patches available now for sale.
The embroidered patch measures 4 1/4" across and features his pirate motif with crossed Seaward swords.
The Far Side Patch... $15

Jody has produced a Far Side belt buckle, available in bronze or steel
The Far Side Belt Buckle, Bronze or Steel: $50

100% Cotton T shirt with a small Far Side logo
on the front, and a Large logo on the back.
Far Side T Shirt...$25
plus shipping and handling
(please indicate size - med, large, x-large, xx-large)
See more original artwork by Jody Samson here.

WWW http://jodysamson.com

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