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Jody Answers Some
Frequently Asked Questions

Here I do my work now

In this village of New Glarus, WI

It's a good place

As good as I have seen...

I am making swords now

When once I made knives solely

I have an apprentice

And she does very well

So well that I need not

Oversee her work

The handles, leather wrapped and

Often the pommels on the Basket-hilts

Are as if I had done them myself

None have been rejected...
This allows me time

To sculpt the cast parts in wax

And this is not a fast process

And time to grind the sword blades

A slow process as well

No fixtures are used

They are (except for some Limiteds)

Ground free-hand...

This I am teaching

Shan-Aan to do

She is creative and gifted

And I believe in time

She will be able to do

All that I do

And as well

Though in her own way...

The most asked question I receive is:

Why do I make swords?

Because I love swords

And consider them an art form as well as a weapon...
Why would I choose to have

A woman apprentice?

(I apprenticed under John Nelson Cooper.)

Because she can do it

And she has a rapport with that which she does...

Will I attend a show?


But that is something
(with the exception of walking through one small show in Janesville, WI, this year)

I have not done in some time

(8-12 years as best as I can recall)

I'm not sure which one

(West Coast is preferred)

There are people I have not seen in some time now,

Since I did attend shows with some regularity...

What is "The Far Side?"

The Far Side is what I call the shop where I work

and Howard, Amy and I

Have gone to great lengths to insure that "Creativity" is inherent here

in every thing we do...

I cannot please everyone

But it is my hope that some of you

Who read this on my site are pleased

And it is for you and myself

(I have to make swords)

that I do what I do...

There is much more to come...

Thank you

Jody Samson

June 2005

WWW http://jodysamson.com

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