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Limited Edition Swords
Flaming Jack Cutlass

Hand ground from high carbon steel, hand heat-treated.
Hilt components cast from original waxes by Jody Samson, hand finished and darkened.
Leather wrapped grip.
Limited Edition of 100 pieces worldwide.

Overall length 32 3/8"
Blade length 26 1/2 "
Weight 3 lb 1 oz.


Acheron Leaf Blade

Hand ground from high carbon steel, hand heat-treated.
Hilt components cast from original waxes by Jody Samson, hand finished and darkened.
Leather wrapped grip.
Limited Edition of 100 pieces worldwide.

Overall length 35 1/4 "
B lade length 28 1/4"
Weight 2 lb 11oz


Jody Samson Katana

Samson Katana and Wakizashi

Samson Mid-Size Katana

Each sword features a blade ground from 5/16" thick 1075 steel that is deeply hollowground and has a deep fuller fading into a false edge at the top. The blade finish is easily maintained/restored with oil and a grey Scotchbrite pad.

Katana Specifications:
Overall length: 38.75"
Blade length: 27.25"
Weight: 2 lbs 14 oz

Mid-Size Katana Specifications:
Overall length: 31.5"
Blade length: 22.25"
Weight: 2 lbs 9 oz

Wakizashi Specifications:
Overall length: 25.375"
Blade length: 19.375"
Weight: 2 lbs 1 oz

The katana, mid-size katana and wakizashi are available in two editions -- a limited edition of 10 swords ground and signed by Jody and a "production" version with Jody's "Samson" stamp.

Limited Edition Samson Katana... $1,500
Samson Katana... $800

Limited Edition Samson Mid-Size Katana... $1,350
Samson Mid-Size Katana... $700

Limited Edition Samson Wakizashi... $1,200
Samson Wakizashi... $600

Limited Edition Samson Katana Set (Katana,Wakizashi)... $2,500
Samson Katana Set (Katana,Wakizashi)... $1,200

Limited Edition Samson Katana Set (Katana, Mid-Size Katana and Wakizashi)... $3,000
Samson Katana Set (Katana, Mid-Size Katana and Wakizashi)... $1,700

In today's world the majority of reality fighters are becoming mixed martial artists, combining the strengths of striking systems with grappling, etc. Does it not make sense to apply the same concept to weapons?
Well, master swordmaker Jody Samson has been doing this for years, recently exemplified in the Samson Katana.
All of the shape and cutting ability of the greatest of Samurai swords, with the strength and durability of a Viking sword and the comfort and maneuverability of a Filipino blade, enable one to utilize this masterfully crafted tool as a means to do whatever end is imaginable.
As a martial artist I gear my training toward real life application balanced with the art of self expression. Jody Samson is the only swordmaker alive who I feel can truly express both sides in one quality piece of work.
Consequently, whether I am putting myself on the line in a full contact weapon fight, or honing my skills through thousands of repetitions, the quality of my weapon and the spirit in which it was made are of the utmost importance.
Point blank, if the sword is an extension of the soul, then I trust mine to Jody Samson. Sincerely and with the utmost respect,
-- Allen Bridgeman
about Allen Bridgeman
Instructor or Black belt level of
Gojukido Karate - The way of the hard and soft spirit.
Founder-Master Kaoru Kishiyama
Consists of- Judo, Jujitsu, Kumbu, Aikido, Ai imawa (ki-spirit), Tai chi chuan, Long boxing kung fu, Kempo karate, Go Ju Kai Karate and Boxing.

Valencia Lameco - acronym for Largo, medio, corto or Long Medium and Short range.
Founder of Lameco- Edgar G. Sulite, passed the system to his top brawler Felix Valencia
Consists of-Kali, Eskrima, Arnis, Shooto, Silat, and Hawaiian Lua.

Muay Thai - Animal fighting
Instructor-Felix Valencia who was undefeated in Muay Thai matches in Thailand.

Young Chuan
- Chinese family system of kung fu.
Founder-Calvin Young
Consists primarily of- Wing chun Gung fu and Wujichyuan fa.

Taekwon do
- the Korean national sport
Instructor- Ben Ramsey

Work Experience
Assistant and primary instructor to S.W.A.T. teams, special forces, U.S. Marshalls, National guard and various other government and private sectors around the country. This includes defensive tactics training for the Ohio police in Toledo, CQB (Close Quarter Battle) in Arizona, The FARM gun school in Salt Lake City, Utah, MDT (Midwest Defensive Tactics) and the SWAT and Sheriffs departments in Oklahoma City and Moore Oklahoma, Wichita, Kansas and various rape prevention and self defense seminars for both citizens of Los Angeles and L.A.P.D. members.

Past Competitions
As a 13 and 14 year old, won the Rocky mountain international kung fu championships twice in the 15-17 year old advanced black belt division. Achieved first place in the Oklahoma collegiate and Senior black belt divisions in Judo, qualifying for nationals in both in 2003. Has competed in various renown underground full contact fights with and with out weapons, stand up or on the ground.

Here are a couple of photos of Jason cutting Japanese tatami mats
with the Samson Katana:

The Senatorial Spatha

This is a sword Jody has created as a proposed piece for an upcoming major fantasy film. It features cast hilt components from original hand-carved waxes, genuine bone grip, walnut spacers, and a deeply hollowground leafblade. The runes were designed by Leif Hansen and deeply engraved by Steve Fisher. Grip carved by Shan-Aan.

The inscription is a quote Jody found at the beginning of Richard Francis Burton's The Book of the Sword and is attributed to Lod. della Vernaccia, A.D. 1200.

"Nothing is high and awful save the sword..."

This sword will be available in limited quantities.

Overall length: 35"
Blade length: 25 3/4 "
Grip length: 5 1/2"
PoB: 3 1/2"
CoP: 15"
Weight: 3.4 lbs

Senatorial Spatha... $2,000

The Seaward Sword

The Seaward Sword will be available in both a Limited Edition of 10 hand ground by Jody, and a "production" version of 500 swords.

The Limited Editions have darkened steel fittings and hand-filework on the spine.
Limited Edition Seaward... $2,000 SOLD OUT

The standard Seawards have darkened bronze fttings and no filework.
Seaward Sword... $1,200

This is a sword that Jody put together for a friend
-- it turned out so well that we decided to make it in a Limited Edition of 10.
It combines the guard and pommel of his popular katana with the blade from the equally popular Seaward Sword.
The blade is deeply hollowground of 1/4" 1075 steel, the pommel and guard are "lost wax" castings from one-of-a-kind original waxes hand-carved by Jody.
The castings have been darkened.
Grip and brown leather wrap by Shan-Aan.

Overall length: 40.25"
Blade Length: 30"
Weight: 2 lbs 7 oz

Limited Edition Samson Seaward Katana... $1,500

A new FilmSwords product designed by Jody, licensed by Frank Frazetta --
The Martian Longsword

A lot of us grew up reading the exploits of John Carter and longed for the needle-sharp longsword that was pictured in Frank Frazetta's cover art.
Jody has recreated that famous sword here.

This a sword worthy of defending the honor of your Deja Thoris!

Martian Longsword (pictured above)... $1,200
The standard edition features a hand-dyed and textured green leather grip.

Limited Edition Martian Longsword (pictured below)... $1,500 SOLD OUT
The limited editions are hand-signed and numbered by Jody and feature
a green rayskin and twisted wire grip.

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