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Recent Customer Testimonials
...If the gods left the secret of steel on the battle field beneath a leaden sky, Jody Samson found it, learned its riddle well, has mastered it and now shares it with the awesome folks at Albion Armorers. His work is legendary, his talent is supernatural.
-- Rick Robinson
...The Mountain Khukri arrived today...and what a magnificent weapon this is! Any Ghurka or Spartan Hoplite would be honored to wield this one!
This weapon could easily be called a Falcata. It harkens back to ancient Russia and the foot soldier of Alexander...it crosses cultures and time periods. The 5160 steel is superb...although I'm told the 1075 steel is easier on the shapers and sharpeners...it absolutely screams quality throughout.
The grip is beautifully rendered by Shan Aan...again, superb quality and attention to detail. As Jody's apprentice and student look for beautiful complete works from her in the months and years to come. I applaude Albion for allowing up and coming artists learn from true Masters. This is the way it should be done...and will only bring more fame and honor to your company.
The parcel arrived in perfect condition...the packing methods used are simple and foolproof. It's a very clever design!
I praise Mike Sigman once again for getting everything right and kudo's for Paul in the shipping department and on the loading dock...well done lad!
This is our 4th Jody Samson weapon and 6th item purchased from Albion...and if Jody ever considers doing something like Chucullian Khukri (Falcata) again I'd be placing my order within minutes! I look forward to Shan Aan's offerings in the future as well. Beautifully done...one and all!
-- Raymond F. 'Cork' Gillis
...I received my Jody Samson Limited Edition Katana and I must say that as a designer and maker of fine swords, Jody Samson is truly a Master of his Art.
Even thought this is a non traditional katana in design, it still handles and performs beautifully. It's balance is superb and the blade is very fast. Cutting is a breeze with this kat, even on missed cuts. The handle absorbs the shock and the blade tracks true.
This is a very fine piece, something that you can come to expect from a Jody Samson sword.
I am very please with it and can't wait for the Wakizashi to come out.
And as always, thanks to Mike at Albion Armorers for his work in customer service. He is without a doubt, the best.
-- Gerald Jones
...Yesterday, June 7, 2005 I recieved my first one of a kind sword from Jody Samson. The Fishtail is a beautiful piece both in function and look. I was so happy in fact that I hugged the UPS guy and cut the package open on the porch. Since coming from a JSA background it was interesting to feel the difference. The leather grip well done and tight. The blade is clean and super sharp. I cut some pool noodles, and some mats ala tamashegiri and was surprised by its near effortlessness. I checked the blades and was surprised to find it clean even after all that. Now I am going to be getting another peice by Jody and cant wait. I put some of my other katanas by some great makers away, and now find myself facinated by this Fishtail. I used to think that euros were clunky, but now, I can't get enough. I am literally giddy with happiness and satisfaction. Thank you Albion! Thank you Jody Samson! And before I forget, thank you to Amy and Mike for their help.
-- Rick Lim
[Mid-Size Samson Katana]
A perfect piece to complete the set. That all you need to say about Jody Samson new Mid-Size Katana. The blade is just slightly longer then the wakizashi, but the handle allows you the ability to grip it with both hands if needed, to power through a cut. It is smaller then its big brother, but it's nice to be able to use it a area where using the big katana could be a problem. This is another fine example of a artist that is a Master of his Art.
-- Gerald W Jones
The Farseer Leafblade arrived this week, and all I can say is wow!
I have always wanted a custom-crafted leaf bladed sword, but never did I expect to find one as nicely done as this one.
The blade finish is excellent, the furniture castings superb, and the green leather-wrapped grip feels simply wonderful in my hand.
As I hold the sword in any guard, it sings its mythic song, moving smoothly from point to point. Truly the work of a Master! Thanks so much for making this dream come true for me. I'll certainly remain a loyal Jody customer in the future!
-- Christopher G.
I received the [Fantasy Sabe] sword last Friday, sooner than I expected, in great condition in that ingenious packaging, as always.
Iím almost sorry to take it from you guysÖbut not enough to give it back!
It really is a work of art, and has some of the cleanest lines, curves, and nicest hollow-grinding that Iíve ever had the pleasure of holding in my hands. It also feels very well-balanced, and though I did do a little test cutting with it I donít plan to abuse it too muchóitís just too pretty.
My appreciation to the artisan and his apprentice, as the leather-wrapped grip is equally as impressive. Please let Jody know he has a very happy customer. And kudos to you for your well-made POB stand, Mike! Such an elegant and simple little device, but it does wonders for displaying my Crecy. I may get one for the fantasy Saber one day.
It was a pleasure working with you guys at Albion again, and have a great rest of the week!
-- Ransom

i just want to say thanks for all the help in getting my sword sharpened and shipped to me.
i love it! and i want to tell all there that you've made me a very happey man indeed today,thanks and what can i say about my new Frazetta limited edition Samson martian longsword excepet that its a thing of beauty.
i am absoulutly delighted with it and i have to say it feels great in my hand! ive been going around with it all day and i just love it! you cant have it back ever! if you want it back you will have to fight me for it! Mine!
i know it was expensive in fact the most expensive thing apart from my house that ive ever bought but you know it was worth every penny, the quality of this work of art is just fantastic from the green ray grip all shiny and the silicon bronze hilt the blade is mighty and super sharp i will have to be very very careful with this sword extra careful as the point is truely needle sharp!
fifteen foot martians beware!!
thanks for this lovely sword i even love the litttle lion Samson mark on the blade..very cool!
Mr Samson thank you very much for this beautiful sword it is a dream come true a wonder to behold and to weild! i will treashure it!
i feel as if i walked into the Princess of Mars painting and was handed it!
I've loved Mr Frazettas art and to own the sword of mars Wow! ithank you all and thanks soren and mike for getting it to me all sharp and in great condition keep up the good work guys make mine Albion!
-- George ,Ireland

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